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Real estate and construction

Real estate continues to be a market with both issues and opportunities to be addressed by entrepreneurs. In this dynamic sector a new possibility can make the difference between a successful business and a going concern issue. 


Accordserve Advisory is committed in supporting its clients to start and develop their businesses, whether they decide to do this in Romania or abroad.


Media, telecommunication and technolodgy

Media and technology is an ongoing development market, as new means of communication appear almost every day. The innovation level has exceeded any expectations in the last years, leading to a real need of consultancy and assurance services in order to gain shareholders trust and competitive advance within the local and international markets.

Our team of professionals is dedicated to use their experience within their field of expertise in order to meet their client’s expectations.


Pharmaceuticals and medical services

The pharmaceutical industry is changing from the panacea phase to personalized medicine. This requires significant investments in research and development in the medicines that could change the course of humanity.

Our team is dedicated in both giving the entrepreneurs the assurance required for obtaining the funds and offering consulting services on the available investment opportunities.


Charities and non-profit organisations

Corporate social responsibility is an important part of any business and also of the today's society. Although the adversity of financing non-operating activities is still very much in place, charities and non-profit organizations are struggling to offer us all a better world.


We are enthusiastic on providing specialist advice and assurance for the executives and trustees of charities, housing associations and other such organizations. 



Energy resources are getting unconventional as the level of conventional ones is going lower and lower. Green energy is taking things further by bringing unlimited sources of energy into our home, auto vehicle or the electronics we use.

Accordserve Advisory is willing to support your business, by helping its innovative clients take their living room businesses to international companies.


European funding

As part of the European Union, Romanian entrepreneurs are planning to take advantage of the available funding opportunities. Although this might seem easy on the paper, in reality is more difficult that expected. 

Accordserve Advisory has been involved in supporting local businesses by providing the assurance required for funding usage.

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